Department of Health

Health is wealth. The condition of health facilities in Hilly and Mountain regions of Nepal is not sufficient because of which the infant mortality rate is still higher. The facilities are good in Teria region where the doctors and nurses are abundant. The health posts and health centers in the mountain regions are not well equipped because of that the infant mortality rate (IMF) is higher. Illiteracy and geographical conditions are the prime causes which are hindering the improvement of health facilities there. PSD-Nepal is aimed to conduct some awareness programs and campaigns in those regions. Activities like, on-site health checkup, public health awareness and trainings for the health volunteers are on priority which we want to implement soon.

In conclusion, Nepal and its development are possible only when we do care about the agriculture, environment and health. These three sectors are like the three corners of a triangle. We always welcome suggestions and advice on those areas from the individuals of the globe. Volunteers, interns and social workers from the globe who have an interest of assisting the aforesaid activities that we do are always welcome. The donations and institutional affiliation are also encouraged. There is a saying which is very popular: United We Stand, Divided We Fall.