Greetings from PSD-Nepal!

I am glad and honored for the responsibility to lead this new institution that rests on the block of editorial members who had their first image in dream and made it possible this time. I am also thankful for the support of countless well-wishers including but not limited to advisory board members, staff members, volunteers and other groups from all corners who have made PSD-Nepal a venue for the researchers all over the world through the International Journal of Environment (IJE).

PSD-Nepal, a social organization working in the field of environment would like to include all the intellectuals, experts, researchers, youths who would like to show their enthusiasm in the field of environment and collaborate with other national and international institutes in the areas of common interest which are focused for the conservation of environment for sustainable development. I believe, IJE will reach at all the corners of the globe and help us to achieve our mission and vision.

As I express appreciation to all those who believed in me, I declare that I will fully work with effort to take this organization ahead by helping every struggle that would help to conserve the environment. We have different minds but let’s work together so that we can stand at our own and make new Nepal.


Govinda Bhandari


Progressive Sustainable Developers Nepal (PSD-Nepal)