“…Although we have been publishing for many years now, our outlook is still essentially national, and we are seeking to broaden that, particularly by internationalizing our editorial board. IJE’s is impressive, and

“…Publishing with IJE is one of the best to my knowledge. Thank you also for your continuous and friendly support throughout the process. IJE sets the high standard of publication with

“…..Publishing with IJE was perfect – quick editorial decision, rapid editing of the proofs, and helpful communication…” Dr. Patrick Michael , Department of Agriculture, PNG University of Technology, Papua New

“…We have achieved valuable information on Geo-hazards and environmental degradation in Nepal and also your interest to establish common research projects. On both a professional and personal level, I really

“…I have had the opportunity to review a good number of papers for the International Journal of Environment (IJE) – some were accepted and some referred back to the authors

“…Dr. Bhandari showed a great interest in organizing joint research projects focusing on biodiversity conservation, climate change and its impact on the flora and fauna and taxidermy between two countries,