Department of Environment

The environment is the surrounding atmosphere on which all living beings survive. At present, the environment of major cities of Nepal, such as Kathmandu is degraded. Improper disposal of solid waste, air pollution, water pollution, and pesticide pollution are the major problems in Nepal. Use of toxic pesticides in Nepal has left their residues in air, water, soil, plant and animal including human. Therefore, PSD-Nepal is aimed to collaborate with all line agencies and partners (national and international) to create a clean and green society. Advocacy, awareness, research and publication, documentary and drama, art are some of the major activities on which we focus on environment conservation. The environment is for all. So, we must conserve and preserve nature including its ecological entities. To ensure environmental safety in the country, we monitor residues of chemical pesticides in different environmental matrices.

Our latest research on the residues of pesticides in Nepalese soil:
Concentration and distribution of pesticide residues in soil: Non-dietary human health risk assessment. Chemosphere 2020; 253: 126594.