Population of the globe is increasing and creating pressure on farmers for producing more food. Intensive farming has become an immediate option for feeding the increasing population. Agricultural farmers in Nepal are highly dependent on chemical pesticides to protect their crops from diseases and insects. Furthermore, farmers use chemical pesticides to improve the storage of their grains. Therefore, the use of toxic pesticides in Nepal has been increasing rapidly and is expected to increase further in the future. This will destroy the balance between different ecosystems of nature and result in different problems such as insurgence of pests, environmental pollution as well as food safety and security. This will directly affect human health and biodiversity. Such consequences will be exacerbated by the poor agricultural practices of Nepalese rural farmers. With the aim of safeguarding and conserving humans and the environment, respectively, Progressive Sustainable Developers Nepal (PSD-Nepal), a non for the profit-making organization is established and devoted to work in the sectors like agriculture, health, and environment in Nepal. Besides, creating environmental awareness, research, and publication, training on different aspects of the environment for sustainable development are the major concerns of the organization. The organization is registered under the Societies Registration Act 4, 2034 BS. It is registered at District Administrative Office, Kathmandu. The organization is a member of the Social Welfare Council (SWC) under SWC Act 13, 2049 BS since 2070/03/16 BS with membership number 37431.    

Organizational profile 

Name of the organization Progressive Sustainable Developers Nepal (PSD-Nepal) 
Type of the organization Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) 
Contact details (Address; telephone; email) Kathmandu Metropolitan City-31, Bhimsengola marg, Bagmati Province, Nepal; 9841487497;  
Registration date and serial number with the concerned organization 2069/5/6 (BS); 151 
The date started to work 2069/5/7 (BS) 
System of bookkeeping Filing